Cloud Migration Services

We help you migrate your confidential data into cloud with confidence

Cloud Migration Service

Cloud migration services is a comprehensive cloud migration offering that helps you to execute your cloud strategy. It is the combination of research, innovation and complete life cycle of information that are cloud ready and evolve from time to time on the latest market trends.

We migrate data from on premises Data centers to public cloud and also cloud to cloud. Lia Cloud Migration services are very easy to operate with minimal training. Our cloud - workforce is widely distributed across the globe and operates across all times zones.

Adopting to Cloud Storage

  • Lia’s - Cloud services offers a fast phased migration of data from Database, platforms, applications and middleware to cloud at economical cost with very low risk.
  • We are equipped with expert technical team, with whom we provide trusted technical support to many IT giants across the globe.
  • Low cost, agility, flexibility and security are the various factors which drive Companies to move towards Cloud Storage.
  • We are completely packed with the latest application to address the client's business demand.

Accelerating using Cloud Migration SaaS Tool (Software as a Service)

  • Our SaaS tool (Software as a Service) based cloud migration tool is exclusively designed to perform without the involvement of agents.
  • The fully automated feature makes the process in just a few clicks away.
  • Best feature of SaaS is, we can detect and eliminate the data migration failure in early stage itself.
  • SaaS is supported with user friends warning signs which intimates about failure in advance and give ample time to fix the issue without data loss.

Our Cloud Service includes :

  • Cloud Integration,
  • Data Automation,
  • Disaster recovery system,
  • Application hosting and management.

4 step Cloud Migration process

A complex journey of cloud can be made possible with a strategic process.

Assuring Profitable results:

Our expert team analyse your business and determine the suitable application required to migrate and modernize
the data, without disrupting the work flow and
provide a smooth transaction to new service models.

Focus on Ensuring Seamless Migration:

  • Reduced risk: Migrating critical apps and confidential data to a private cloud, enables the digital agenda and reduce the overall client risk.
  • Competitive Cost: We consolidate and organize your business process and make you realize the cost reduction of 30% with no capital invested and also save you 15-20% year on year operational cost.
  • Quick and Agility: Adopting to Lia Cloud Migration Services helps to improve service time from months to just hours or days with great flexibility and cost savings. Get benefited from our agile capabilities, automated testing and device management tools.

We can alter the design without changing the functional equivalency.

Industry Leading Partner:

We associate with River Meadow to accelerate your cloud adoption journey with best in class of tools and automation. Our standard data transformation and migration includes Various cloud migration services, such as :


Our cloud migration is an integrated framework, which is powered by automating the cloud database. Security and tools to ensure seamless migration of your application from datacenter to cloud environment.

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